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More Bi Meets!

Alongside our main meetup at the LGBT Foundation on the first Tuesday of each month we have two regular monthly meetings:

Third Tuesday of each month we meet at the Waterhouse pub, which is the Wetherspoons across the Princess Street from Manchester Town Hall. We're normally toward the back right hand side of the pub: look for the cuddly lion or cuddly unicorn on the table to find us. They're each about the size of a half-pint glass. Meet starts from 8pm.

Third Sunday of each month we have a daytime coffee meet at the Vienna Coffee House on Mosley Street, opposite City Art Gallery. That starts at 1pm and runs through to about 4pm. Again - look for the lion or the unicorn.

Both of these are less formal or structured than the main LGBT Foundation meetup, and you can drop in and out of them according to what else you are up to that day.