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Manchester Links

Multimap map of where the LGBT Foundation is. Our main "first Tuesday of the month" meetings are at LGBT Foundation, 5 Richmond Street, Manchester M1.

Canal-St guide to Manchester's gay village.

Bi Links

BiCon Britain's biggest annual bi festival, held in a different city each year.

BCN Bisexual online news site.

Bisexual Index Info & visibility campaigning

Bi Visibility Day is marked each September 23rd

Reading Matter

Bi Community News is the UK's bimonthly bisexual magazine, and is published right here in Manchester.

Gay Times and Diva are gay and lesbian (respectively) oriented magazines with occasional bi content, though they are relentlessly London-centric.


Bisexual Recruitment Army was our fun project for Pride a couple of years back. The official website closed down but is archived here.