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Breaking News: we're top of google for "bisexual recruitment". The B*R*A: they're still marching both ways and they still recruit bisexuals more efficiently than any corporation with a big equal opps budget.

They're also now doing it on Facebook.

Britain's Best Kept Secret


1940s poster

As this 1940s recruitment poster says: "BISEXUALS want YOU to join the Bisexual Recruitment Army. GOD SAVE THE QUEER"

We know that not everyone can be recruited. Appreciating men and women fully is something that not just anyone can do, indeed research shows 6% of the population are gay / lesbian and a similar number may be entirely heterosexual.

Even if you don't make the grade for a top-flight bisexual, you can still perform any of a range of supporting roles. Visit any of our recruitment centres to join us, or start your own division in your area.


We Want You


We always welcome new divisions. Be sure to let us have news from your troops out on manouvres.


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Saluting Private Parts

Congratulations to Private Parts who correctly identified the original motto of the B*R*A back in 1881. The answer is of course, "We're Looking For a Few Good Men, and a Few Good Women, And A Place That Sells Sturdy Beds"




in case of doubt: there is no armed bisexual insurgence and this website is not serious. but our links to bi social groups, publications, advice and support are entirely real.