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Being Bi

As bi people, there are two questions so many of us seem to have wrestled with. The first is: Am I bisexual? It's closely tied to the realisation: "so everyone else doesn't feel this way too?"

The second question we often face is: Am I bisexual enough?

Bisexuality has a long history of either being completely erased and denied, or being presented as being only real if you meet some kind of "perfect 50%-50%" divide between attraction to women and to men. At the same time meaning you only fancy men and women, and could never find anyone else like intersex or genderqueer people attractive.

So far as we're concerned, we're not worried about the ratios. If you're a 50-50 bisexual or a 90-10, you're plenty bi enough for us. 30-40-30? Neat. And if some days it adds up to more than 100, or barely makes it to ten, that's all good too. If you're attracted to people of more than one gender, if bisexual or other related words like omnisexual, polysexual or pansexual seem the best fit for how you feel about other people: welcome aboard.