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Common Questions

BiPhoria has been running for over 22 years now and so we have seen some questions come up regularly in letters to the group, phone calls and emails. So here are the answers to a few of them... and then a few quotes from people who've come to the group.


My family / partner doesn't know about my sexuality. Will I have to come out?
No - it's a confidential space. Who attends and what is said remains anonymous.

I'm a bit scared and not sure where I'm going - can someone meet me beforehand?
It depends on volunteer availability, but we can sometimes arrange this. Email us at least the day before the group meeting, and someone (usually Emily or Jen) will try to arrange to meet you elsewhere in the city centre.

What's this about new members space?
From 7.30pm to 8pm at each group meeting there's a new members space where you can find out basic things about the group, bisexuality and the bi community, and ask any questions you may have. The new members space is usually run by Emily.

What actually happens at a BiPhoria group meeting?
After the new members space the group kicks off with brief introductions. We then go through the month's post, and will discuss upcoming bi or bi-friendly events. Then what we do from about 8.30 to 9.30 varies - sometimes a guest speaker attends or we have a group discussion on a particular topic. This is usually followed by going to one of the quieter pubs in the gay village where we will all sit about and chat (that part is of course optional)!

My partner and I want to find a third person to join us in bed - will we find someone at BiPhoria?
Probably not, that's not what the group is about. Many of the people at the group are in monogamous relationships, or choosing not to sleep with anyone - so chances are they won't welcome your advances!

It's a space for making friends and getting to be comfortable about who you are, not a space for chatting people up.


Attendees say:

"2 years since I first went to BiPhoria! I've made some lovely friends, had some brilliant discussions and drunk lots of beer! Love that going to the group has given me the opportunity to march in the Manchester Pride Parade for the last 2 years as well"

"Without BiPhoria I don't know how I'd have made friends in Manchester, I wouldn't have gotten involved in all the activism I have, I wouldn't have been nearly as confident and happy in my bisexual skin as I am.

"And I know there's dozens and hundreds of other people BiPhoria has helped in the same kinds of ways, over all those years."

"Whatever kind of government we have, whatever kind of economy we have, there's never been any money in bisexual activism or organizations. It's amazing that BiPhoria has done as well as it has, for as long as it has. Here's to more, hopefully better-funded, good work from BiPhoria!"